4 Reasons Your Mind is Happier with Art

How would you define 'happiness,' or how do you know when you are happy? Happiness is a state of mind where an individual feels pleasure, peace, and contentment. Some people find happiness in music, some in dance, some workout to stay calm while some meditate, and some put all their efforts into a pencil or a brush to express their hearts out. 

Many misconceptions are associated with the word "art." Some believe that one needs to create paintings to be considered a real artist, and some assume that only artists can benefit from the art since they are good at it. But it is nothing like that in real life, as anyone can benefit from art and enjoy its therapeutic benefits. Creating or observing art will take your mind to a different dimension yielding happy and relaxed vibes. When you deeply engage your mind in any art, your mind opens doors to creative ideas, thoughts, and imagery. No vitamins or supplements can boost your mind as art does.

But Why?

Why does art have such an impact on your mind and soul? Here are the top 4 things 

It Speaks Love

Who doesn't want to feel loved? According to the University of London, a study shows that when a person sees a piece of art, they think of beauty, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and releasing dopamine. If you don't know, then dopamine, also called the happy chemical, is linked with the feelings of love in the brain. So when the brain releases dopamine, you feel loved and warm. That is how art can influence your mind as well as heart.

Boosts Creativity

Creativity helps us with our daily tasks, boost our happiness levels, and help with expressing our emotions. A study in 2014 shows significant improvement in psychological resilience and functional connectivity in the part of the brain that is accounted for memory, introspection, and self-monitoring. It also helps to create a healthy state of mind by reducing anxiety, stress, and worries. Art can also help us build our self-esteem.

Chill Vibes

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious, you need to stop doing everything and stare at a piece of art. It can be in your book, at home, or even on the phone or laptop. Just look at it for five minutes and think about the colors, subject, perspective, and setting; think about it. You will feel much better than you did before. 

It Takes Back to the Time

By looking at art, your mind takes you back to a different time and place when it was created. It helps your mind experience an escape from reality; you will feel relaxed and get positivity momentarily.