A brief about Early Christian Artworks

A brief about Early Christian artworks

In 260-525 AD Christianity was a religion for the lower class people in the society. At that time, the number of Christians was small, and when they produced art, they used Christian meaning and symbolism in their artwork. In that period, they served gods by spreading the words of God through various mediums such as painting. For Christian art, religion was the prime focus, and it influenced most art forms. Because Christianity was the lower class people's religion, people from mighty and strong families didn't support their artwork. That's why Christian artwork was restricted in so many places.

The Christian art after 313 AD was about messages from God, The Gospels and the words of God. You can see the reflection of early Christian work in Christian wall art. Christian art didn't give focus to technique or Realism, and it was always about content. Early Christian Basilicas had Christian art in their interiors, such as the "church of St. Maria Maggiore" in Rome. The Christian art of that time carried out the messages from liturgical books and the manuscripts such as Cotton Genesis, Vienna Genesis, and Rossan Gospels. The arts were even advertised with biblical figures, narratives and elaborated with religious symbols.

Reflection of Christianity through paintings

Christian artwork is a very special type of art form, and it uses different images and themes from Christianity. In the Christian wall art, the kingdom meets culture. The artists of Christian art use amazing and unique ideas through the power of the Holy Spirit. They present work in a way that anyone would understand. Christian art is about a thousand years old; the religious movement encouraged the production of Christian art. The Christian arts were produced for the clergy and churches. With time the artists shifted to landscape and secular themes and portrait paintings as well.

Jesus is the heart of Christian art.

Christian art specifically uses the images of Jesus. It narrates the scenes of Jesus from his life and the scenes from the Old Testament that played a huge role in Christian art. So the Christian art mainly revolves around the times, teachings, images, and life of Jesus Christ. And most of the artworks show his resurrection from the dead and his birth. Christian art reveals the beauty and the likeness towards grace. Christian art can be different from Christ's images; the main reason is that Jesus was the creator of all the beautiful things, so a painting of a rise and a picture of an animal can also be Christian artwork.


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